New Deliveries

New Deliveries

Hudson County, NJ via Campbell Supply

Hudson County -NJ

Mahikan Energy – Western Canada


Madison Fire, WI

Watch this video of one of our newest deliveries, the City of Madison, WI.


Shreveport Fire, LA


County of Hunterdon

County of Hunterdon

Department of Veterans Affairs, Maine

Department of Veterans Affairs- Maine

Fire Trucks Plus

Fire Trucks Plus- WildFire

Gitgaat Nation Canada

Gitga'at Nation, Canada

Lakota Harbor, NJ

Lanoka Harbor

LV Solutions

LV Solutions

Monroe Energy

Monroe Energy Drivers Side

Marion County Rescue Squad

Marion County

Norton Sound Alaska

Norton Sound, Alaska

Prince George Fire/EMS

Prince George County

Collierville Fire, TN

Collierville Fire

Top Sail Beach

Top Sail Beach

Utter Hill Air Force Base

UTTR Number 1

Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia

Cannon Air Force base

Cannon AFB

Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas WildFire

Department of Veterans Affairs (Orlando, Fl)

Veterans Affairs- Orlando, FL

City of Memphis

2011 Memphis

TEEX- College Station, TX


City of Memphis- Memphis, TN

Department of Veteran’s Affairs- Orlando, FL

July 2011

Caterpillar Plant – Decatur, IL

May 2011

Webster Springs WV

AFG Flameguard

April 2011

Jessup, PA

Fredrickstown OH

Atterbury IN

March 2011

McKinney TX

February 2011

Red River Parish Fire Dept.

January 2011

Bentonville Fire Dept.

November 2010

FLETC Glynco, Georgia

October 2010

Slatington Pennsylvania

September 2010

Sierra Army Depot-California
Sierra Army Depot-California

Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corp.

July 2010

Heartland Health Paramedics

June 2010

North Ottawa


April 2010

Charlotte County, Florida
Charlotte County, Florida

February 2010

Leon County, Florida

Calgary Stampede

December 2009

Bridgestone Firestone
Bridgestone Firestone

September 2009

Irving, Texas

August 2009

The FLETC OAO took delivery of its First Response Emergency vehicles on Monday, August 2, 2009. The three units, an ASAP911 MEDSTAT medical response vehicle and two ASAP911 Wildfire units, each on an ATV chassis’, will be utilized to support the OAO mission in the safe transportation of incapacitated persons from distant locations on the center to the Health Unit and to combat small fires and environmental impact incidents.

May 2009

Campbell Supply delivered a MedStat Mini Ambulance to Task Force One in New Jersey. This unit was equipped with ALS cabinets, AC/Generator Package, rear double doors, and a brush guard. Task Force One also purchased a 26′ Cargo Express Enclosed Custom Trailer with a communication center.

April 2009

Campbell Supply delivered a WildFire unit to Laporte, PA.

December 2008

ASAP has begun delivery of a 10 unit order to Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, Indiana. The MedStat units will be deployed to bases all across the U.S. and overseas, and will be used by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency in support of the global war on terror.

July 2008

Tobyhanna Army Depot received one MedStat unit on July 2, 2008. This unit was equipped with a portable multi-winch, ALS cabinets, AC/Generator Package, rear double doors, brush guards, and headlight guards. Tobyhanna will use the MedStat throughout its facilities and for events and off-road usage.(Tobyhanna Army Depot does not endorse any company products or services.)

June 2008

ASAP delivered one MedStat unit to New Orleans E.M.S. on June 27, 2008. This unit will be used for many special events. New Orleans E.M.S. also purchased a 16 foot open Mustang trailer.

March 2008

ASAP delivered two MedStat units to Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department on March 27, 2008. These six wheel drive all terrain rescue/ems unit were equipped with optional features that included a generator, A/C unit, ALS cabinets, insulated patient compartment, turf/all trail tires, and power steering. Jacksonville also purchased a 32 ft enclosed trailer to haul the MedStat units.

December 2007

ASAP delivered 1 MedStat unit to Lewisville Texas Fire Department. This unit will be used for a variety of special events, carnivals, and a large annual outdoor Christmas event. The unit will be operated and staffed by Lewisville Special Operations.

ASAP delivered 2 MedStat units to Glendale Arizona Fire Department. Both units will be used extensively during the NFL Superbowl XLII, and for a variety of special events thereafter.

November 2007

ASAP has begun delivery of a 54 unit order to Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, Indiana. The MedStat units will be deployed to bases all across the U.S. and overseas, and will be used by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency in support of the global war on terror.

May 2007

ASAP has delivered an MedStat Mini-Ambulance to the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority. This unit is used at the the Meadowlands Sports complex to respond to calls in the parking lots, constructions sites, and surrounding areas for events at the Meadowlands Racetrack, Giants Stadium, and the Continental Air Area.

March 2007

ASAP delivered three MedStat Mini-Ambulances to Baltimore City Fire Department for use at special events and in pedestrian areas around the Inner Harbor. The units are built on a Polaris Ranger 6-wheel-drive ATV chassis powered by a 44 HP gas engine. The heated and air conditioned patient compartment accepts a full-sized stretcher and is fully environmentally protected. Interior lighting, IV holders, an attendant bench, storage compartments, and overhead cabinetry complete the interior. The units come standard with emergency lighting and siren, as well as headlights, turn signals, mirrors, and backup alarm.

January 2007

Miami-Dade, Florida received delivery of 6 MedStat Units in time for the Super Bowl.

October 23, 2006

The City of Richmond, VA received delivery of 2 MedStat units.

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