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WildFire Vehicle Profile


The Wildfire off-road fire fighting/rescue vehicle features the largest water volume and fire suppression capability of any machine in its class. As standard a 160 gallon capacity low profile poly water tank with an integrated 16 gallon foam concentrate cell is provided.

The Wildfire has been pre-engineered with field proven components as standard to assure the durability and consistent operations required in its working environment. These features include a Honda 13 horsepower engine driving a Darley Davey pump and foam system, with electric start, booster hose reel with hose and nozzle and three 7ft. lengths of hard suction hose for refilling from draft.

The WildFire is the most stable and safest, UTV based, off-road, fire fighting vehicle on the market.  The WildFire has been tested by an independent testing facility (Transportation Research Center.) In fully loaded conditions, the WildFire tilt table tested to 30°, slope climbed their maximum slope of 31°, and passed all brake testing with no problems.

An extensive array of options are also available to allow the end user to have the Wildfire constructed in a configuration that will meet and exceed their specific requirements.

WildFire- Serious Safety……Where you need it!!!

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